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Stucco Repair in Columbus, Ohio

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Do you think you might need stucco repair in Columbus, Ohio?

Stucco is water-resistant but not waterproof. A successful application relies solely on a successful waterproof barrier, and stucco is weakest when compromised from within. Although traditional stucco is still incredibly resilient overall, stucco damage can occur to older applications or poorly executed newer ones. Often this damage will cause cracks requiring stucco repairs. Knowing how to repair stucco is an art form in itself.

Stucco repairs require a full understanding of the nuances of how stucco reacts under certain conditions. Whether it is a window patch or a stucco crack, the right approach is paramount in achieving a seamless and successful stucco repair. Stucco failure is usually the result of water penetration in the structure of a building. This infiltration can occur through the roof, window, and door openings or even via excessive groundwater, with water penetrating through or splashing up from the foundation. Stucco repairs incorrectly carried out can and often will cause additional problems going forward.

Stucco cracks that permit the access of water almost always lead to stucco failure. Knowing how to repair stucco compromised to such an extent can mean the difference between an entirely new stucco finish and 5-10 years of life with your existing stucco siding. It pays to have the right stucco contractor perform your stucco repairs. The cost savings alone can be immense! Like any problem in construction or even life itself, one must first identify the source.

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The cause of the failure must be identified before any necessary stucco repairs are planned. Before beginning any stucco repairs, a full evaluation should be carried out to determine the actual extent of the stucco damage. How much of the surrounding stucco needs to be removed in advance, the condition of the lath, the framing, the waterproof barrier, these are just a few problem areas that need assessing before any stucco repairs are carried out.

Ohio State Stucco II has a dedicated unit assigned to only stucco repair. These specialist individuals know how to repair stucco from any source or situation. It is our firm belief that if we can provide an outstanding stucco repair service, the chances that we will be back to install a brand new application when the time calls for it!

In the meantime, for a brief synopsis of stucco issues and remedies, please see our stucco repair guide below. If you still need further assistance or explanation; however, please do not hesitate to contact one of our expert technicians.

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Reference Guide for Stucco Repair

Symptoms Common Causes Possible Results if No Action Taken Evaluation/Preparation Repair Method
Cracks at wall penetrations. Building Movement caused by thermal contraction cycles of wind water intrusion, leaks into interior, deterioration of finish and stucco, deterioration of sheathing and framing Consult qualified structural engineer for recommendations Likely re-stucco

Random 'spider' stucco cracks

Thermal expansion and contraction cycles. Improper stucco mix. Improper stucco curing. Lead to larger cracks, increasing the potential for water intrusion and same sequence as above. Evaluate the integrity of the stucco to ensure that it is sound. Clean surface prior to application of bonding agent. Bonding agent and new finish coat or stucco repair and paint.
Dimensional linear cracking wood sheathing not gapped. Improper lath and trim accessory installation. Water intrusion, leak into interior, deterioration of finish and stucco, deterioration of sheathing and framing.

consult qualified structural engineer for recommendations. Invasive sheathing/substrate will likely be needed for evaluation.

Likely re-stucco
In severe cases, localized water defective weather resistant barrier. Structural damage, wood rot delamination Determine and correct source of water penetration Re-stucco as required.
Linear cracks and stucco loosened from building Misapplication of lath; wood rot, separation of the scratch and brown coats. Water intrusion, leaks into interior, deterioration of sheathing and framing. Remove and replace damaged stucco, sheathing and framing. Re-stucco as required.
Stucco blistering, peeling, flaking, severe chalking Moisture penetration. Water intrusion; deterioration of finish and stucco. Determine and correct source of water penetration, replace any weakened stucco areas and clean wall surface for bonding. bonding agent and new finish coat or stucco repair and paint.
Random stucco cracks appear soon after construction Inadequately cured stucco and/or new construction setting. lead to larger cracks, then water intrusion and same sequence as above. Evaluate the integrity of the stucco to ensure that it is sound. bonding agent and new finish coat or stucco repair and paint.
Stucco peeling, flaking of paint or colored stucco over brown coat. Loss over time of bond to stucco brown coat. Water intrusion, deterioration of finish and stucco/ power wash to remove loose paint or stucco. Bonding agent and new finish coat.