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New Construction / Full Lath Stucco

New Construction  / Full Lath Stucco

A "complete" Portland cement stucco system is commonly known as a "full lath" stucco application. The conventional system is used for all new construction stucco In Ohio and beyond, is the most common of all stucco systems today.

As with any professional application, whether construction related or otherwise; there are those who practice their profession with the skill, passion, and commitment to produce consistently outstanding results; and there are those who practice for nothing more than pure profit. The difference in finish is usually abundantly clear. The Ohio stucco industry is no different to any other.

At Ohio State Stucco Company, we break down each and every full lath application info four completely separate procedures. LATH INSTALLION, SCRATCH APPLICATION, BROWN APPLICAION, and COLOR COAT APPLICATION. Each procedure is run and manager with absolute autonomy. Our specialist lath installation crew concentrates on lath and lath ALONE; day-in and day-out. And Ohio State Stucco Company in Columbus, Ohio employs the VETERAN talent required to guarantee unsurpassable quality in every procedure.

It is commonly known that stucco is only as strong as its substrate. The stronger the substrate; the more durable and long-lasting, the entire installation will be. With this in mind, extra steps can be taken at each and every level to "solidify" the overall application. At Ohio State Stucco Company, we first and foremost believe in using ONLY the finish materials available to the industry. We do not believe in sacrificing quality for profit in ANY form.

No corners are "cut" at Ohio State Stucco Company in Columbus, OH. Our team of managers and site-supervisors follow a strict regimen in accordance with Metropolitan Stucco's comprehensive quality guidelines.

We believe our stand full lath stucco application to be amount the very finest available; a combination of management, craftsmanship, quality materials, and a genuine commitment to industry excellence has stamped the mark of Ohio State Stucco on the buckeye state.

1. They honestly treat your home like its their own
2. The entire crew is helpful and respectful at all times
3. Definately the Market Leader in Stucco Application
4. A Truely Drama-free service
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6. A wonderful service and experience from start to finish
7. If quality is priority, Ohio State Stucco Company is the only answer
8. The cleanest contractor we have ever worked with
9. It is clear that Ohio State Stucco is truely committed to excellence

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