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Green Stucco

Ohio State Stucco II is a stucco company in Dublin OH who now offers green stucco! Green stucco has been a highly debated topic the past few years. With the cost to "go green" averaging about 10% in the construction field, there has been more calling for products that allow a green direction, without taking a company into the "red"!

Stucco in itself and by nature of its makeup is not inherently "green". However, there have been moves by some companies to streamline the delivery of product and and improve on standard coverage levels. From using a minimum of 10% post consumer recycled content to an up to 25% increase in coverage per bag, green stucco was born.

An average 90 pound bag of stucco has already been replaced by some with a 70 pound bag of green stucco. The lighter delivery of this green stucco means greater production and fuel savings which equal less CO2 emissions.

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The lighter, smaller bag of green stucco will also produce labor benefits in the form on less fatigue and fewer back injuries, common in the construction industry.

Given the huge weighting of stucco finished homes across the United States today, a green stucco product is greatly received, and is set to continue to lead the way in a green stucco direction.

Ohio State Stucco II is a green construction company. We have closely monitored the progression of green stucco and are pleased to offer our green stucco application at no additional price premium.

For more information on green stucco contact Ohio State Stucco II, your local stucco company in Dublin OH, today!