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One of our common stucco applications is that of restucco. Residential or Commercial properties with damaged or tired exteriors benefit greatly from powerwashing and a new coat of color.

There is a myriad of different ways to approach a restucco project, dependent largely on the existing finish and what actions must be employed to create or promote a uniform substrate or 'base". Stucco is ONLY as strong as it's substrate and therefor any weakness or discrepancy in any base will wreak havoc with the finish color coat. This is especially true in the case of steel trowelled smooth restucco, which is not only highly susceptible to cracking, but also extremely prone to discoloration or "ghosting" when applied to substrates lacking in uniformity.

Many so called "professional" will tell you that it is ok to "stucco over" an existing finish. Whilst this may be "theoretically" possible with the use of a PVA bonding agent; it is without a doubt the weakest method to adopt, and should be done so with extreme caution. In taking this route, one is relying COMPLETELY on the integrity of the finish coat.

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That is why it is so important to hire a professional stucco contractor in Columbus Ohio to take on the job. It should be noted that the ONLY way to correctly restucco any structure with an existing stucco finish, is by utilizing the services of a professional powerwashing company. powerwashing not only removes the existing and often "compromised" top coat, but also "opens" up the substrate to reveal the issues often hidden underneath.

Another common form of restucco employs the need to remove existing wood siding. This scenario calls for a combination of restucco AND full wire lath stucco application. In this situation, any newly "opened" or exposed area needed to be lather and "scratched" prior to performing any kind of powerwashing. The reason for this is simple – open areas MUST be closed up to protect the subject property's framework from the damage that could so easily be caused by a high pressure jet of water.

This may be the case when a property has existing stucco but with a new additional which will require a full lath application. Again all "open" areas MUST be closed before powerwashing can commence. The most important aspect to this case of restucco however is the brown coat which needs to be applied over the ENTIRE structure. This is not only necessary for the full lath installation, but also serves to "level" the newly powerwashed areas, and thus providing a UNIFORM substrate.

It is highly recommended to implement a fiberglass mesh wrap in any restucco situation. The additional support of the fiberglass truly works wonders in securing a uniform and durable finish.

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