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Are you looking for a stucco contractor in Hilliard OH? For a FREE, no obligation stucco cost analysis, please complete and send the estimate request form listed below. One of our specialist technicians will contact you to discuss stucco cost and our process in greater details.

Our stucco cost is proceed on a per square foot basis. Square feet is based on the surface areas of the subject property. Small and medium windows and doors are left in the equation when it comes to square feet calculation as the labor involved with detailing "around" a window or door is far greater then that of applying stucco to a solid area. This extra labor obviously has a direct impact on stucco cost. Larger window or sliding doors are generally subtracted from the square feet amount for a more accurate representation of stucco cost.

Stucco cost is also very dependent on the existing finish and what, if any; additional work must be performed in order to prepare the substrate for our stucco application. If there is existing siding, this must be removed and in most cases sheathed with plywood. Is the existed finish requires powerwashing? Is there is a large amount of landscaping that needs protection? Or is the finish coated with an elastometic paint? (Which is approximately 25% more difficult to remove). Whatever the scenario, there are many contributing factors that play a key role in determining actual stucco cost.

At Ohio State Stucco II, we are rarely the "cheapest on the table". Our veteran workforce and intense project management structure simply means our company stucco cost is normally greater than our competition. However, so is our finish! In fact, we can guarantee that no other company can even touch our levels of perfection.

Please complete and send the form below for an immediate appointment and formal estimate of stucco coat. If possible, please include the approximate dimension of your home exterior to expedite this process. We usually respond within the hour. Should you require more immediate assistance however, please do not hesitate to contact our estimating department at 614-254-9652, or click on the icon below to be put straight through to us.

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