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Crack Isolation System
- Stucco Company Dublin OH

Are you looking for a stucco company in Dublin OH? Omega Products Crack Isolation System has been manufactured to reduce stucco cracking in new and existing stucco systems by embedding fiber glass mesh into the base coat prior to applying the color coat. This highly effective system can either embed the mesh directly into the brown coat or into an acrylic modified base coat such as Foam Tek. Omega's Foam Tek is a dry blend, polymer-modified, Portland cement-based material which has been specifically formulated for coating and attaching architectural foam shapes, as well as being used as an effective leveling coat for approved substrates. Foam Tek is available in 60 (fine0, 30 (medium), 20 (med-course) and 16 (course). When properly applied, the 14oz high strength fiberglass mesh acts as a form of "rebar" for the finish coat, practically eliminating stucco cracking.

With stucco cracking continuing to be one fo the most common concerns from residential and commercial property owners; Omega's Crack Isolation System has proved to be an invaluable upgrade to any stucco application, regardless of finish. It not only reduces client call-back rates, but is also a wise choice for refreshing or repairing an existing sub-par stucco exterior; an area quite prone to stucco cracking.

Due to the high proportion of steel trowel and restucco application made by our stucco company in Dublin OH. It is imperative that we have a competent crack reduction program in place to protect both our customers AND our reputation. We have researched and employ every possible alternative measure in our efforts to reduce stucco cracking, but no other system comes even close to Omega's Crack Isolation Systems.

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The use of Omeg'as Crack Isolation System can increase the overall system warranty period. Omega factory warranties of up to 15 years are available when used with additional Omega products.

Don't let succo cracking deter you from the silky smooth finish you always wanted.

Call our office today for further details, or click on the icon below to view Omega's official datae sheet for its Crack Isolation System. It really works!


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